Work In Progress, 2020 Recap

Hello, crux-miners ! 2021 is starting and after a long working year, it’s the right time to do a recap of 2020 Cruxpool releases. This is our 2020 Work In Progress.

In this article:

Two pools have joining Cruxpool in 2020

Indeed, at the beginning of 2020, Cruxpool had an Ethereum and Ethereum Classic pool. Today, we have 4 pools, to be precise Beam, Ravencoin and the two others mentioned above.

Beam has been pushed in May. With the arrival of the pool, we have made a contest to win 50 Beam. If you want to mine Beam on Cruxpool, we have also several tutorials about wallets, mining softwares and obviously a guide to start mining on our pool. Later, the development team has been added a NiceHash port for those you want to rent hash power and mine Beam.

On its side, Ravencoin has been added on September. We were very happy to add this project to Cruxpool. One of the most interesting and profitable proof-of-work cryptocurrency. After the release, we have pushed a Double Week on Ravencoin that aims to introduce Cruxpool to Ravencoin miners by giving the chance to miners to double their daily earnings. As always, we have made a lot of tutorials for the Ravencoin release. On the program, wallets, mining softwares and an easy to start mining guide. Ravencoin is also provided with a high difficulty port for NiceHash renters.

This is not a pool addition but it is important to say that we have followed all the cryptocurrency forks and updates during this year especially on Ethereum Classic which has changed his mining algorithm, Etchash. Read this article if you want to know more about this update.

The release of the Cruxpool account

This is a very long time project that was in the pipeline on Cruxpool and we gave us the time to finally do it. The account aims to have a dedicated, private and safe space for you and your mining. You can mine all the cryptocurrencies available on Cruxpool with one account. In addition to that, your account can be secured thanks to a 2FA authentication. The Cruxpool account is on her first version but we promise that we will be adding several updates and features during the year.

Finally, the dark mode has arrived

One of the most requested features has finally arrived in 2020, the dark mode. You can switch to dark mode on your Cruxpool account or in the anonymous dashboard. Due to the long time we take to this feature on the website, we have decided to laugh about it and we made a fun video to promote it.

The development of our YouTube channel

In 2020, we have created our YouTube channel where you can hear Nathan most of the time and see me sometimes on the camera. This YouTube channel aims to help a maximum of miners, beginners as pros about using some mining tools, setting up your mining. We have made videos which explain cryptocurrencies projects like for Beam or Ravencoin. In 2021, it will have more videos and we will continue to guide and help you in the fabulous world of crypto-mining.


To conclude on this 2020 recap. It’s important to say that Cruxpool has grown-up last year. First, in statistics views, there are more and more peoples every day who uses, tests, mines on Cruxpool. The number of active users and hashrate is higher than ever. But we have also grown-up as a team. At the beginning of 2020, we were 4 at Cruxpool and now, we are 8 to work on Cruxpool. For 2021, we continue to work hard to deliver new features, new pools on Cruxpool and we hope you will enjoy it.

Thank you for being here and to follow us ! And obviously, we wish you a Happy New Year !

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