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For several years now, cryptocurrency mining has been continuously evolving. This sector becomes more professional thanks to the arrival of new mining pools or new mining farms. Even non-professional actors are considering more and more crypto-mining. The sale of graphic cards for mining activities is increasing, especially since blockchains require even more power. At this time, 6Gb GPUs are becoming the norm because there is the perfect choice between price and required performance. But, what can we still do with 4Gb GPU cards? Indeed, a lot of miners have started to mine with this type of card and with time they are less and less usable. That is why we are going to found a utility for your 4Gb GPUs in this article!

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The last journey before the inevitable end of Ethereum

In case you don’t know, the days of 4Gb GPU cards are counted for Ethereum mining. Indeed, at the moment I write this article, the DAG is at 3.93Gb and we are on the epoch 375. The pass through the 4Gb will be at epoch 383. This means that it is about one month remaining before the end of use for 4Gb GPUs. This end will be normally inevitable because Ethereum developers are focused on the future of the coin which is Ethereum 2.0 with his Proof of Stake system. They would not make a move back and so I suggest you enjoy the last time mining Ethereum with these types of cards.

Ethereum 2.0 Mining 4Gb GPU

Further information

More information and details just as the roadmap about the next step of the project Ethereum available by clicking on the button.

In order to have the biggest lifespan before the end, I suggest you use a dedicated mining operating system like EasyMining OS or Hive OS. They take less computing power than Windows and so the lifespan will be optimized. Linux may be a good solution too. In any case, Windows is the most voracious in power of operating systems, that means that you will have the shortest lifespan with it. But, what can you do if you desperately want to mine Ethereum with 4Gb GPUs after the DAG passes through the 4Gb?

It exists one way to mine with 4Gb GPU cards after the DAG passes through the 4Gb. This solution is possible thanks to the mining software lolMiner. Indeed, lolMiner developers have created the Zombie mode, a mode which enables the possibility to always mine Ethereum with 4Gb cards. However, when you use this mode, you will have a drop of your hashrate compared to the regular hashrate you have before the epoch 383. This is the compensation of using GPUs that cannot be used normally. For using the Zombie mode, you need to edit and launch the mining file with the mention 4G which is on the mining software folder. For information, our Ethereum pool address is eth.cruxpool.com:5555.

Since the release of their 0.7.14 version, TeamRedMiner has also released their Zombie Mode. If you want to use it, I suggest you download the mining software and read the documentation about that mode. They are writing a special document about it.

The comeback of Ethereum Classic

Actually, you cannot mine Ethereum Classic with 4Gb GPU cards except if you use the Zombie mode. Indeed, ETC mining requires now at the time I am writing a power of 4.02 Gb. However, things are going to change for Ethereum Classic mining. Because of the recent global hashrate drop and several 51% attacks, the developers have decided to reduce the DAG. This change aims to encourage miners and especially miners which have 4Gb cards to go back to mine ETC in order to increase the global hashrate. This increase will avoid future potential 51% attacks.

This change is due to the Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals – ECIP 1099 which aims for calibrating the epoch duration. That will allow to end the use of ASIC and reduce the DAG size to 2.47Gb. 4Gb GPU cards and even 3Gb GPU cards will be able to mine thanks to this update. ECIP 1099 is also called Thanos upgrade and it will arrive in December 2020 when Ethereum Classic blockchain reaches the block 11 700 000 and the epoch 390. We are preparing an article which explains the details of this upgrade and what you have to do to be ready when the change will do. Before that, you have to be patient and we suggest you either to enjoy the last time mining Ethereum or mining Ethereum Classic using Zombie mode. For information, our Ethereum Classic pool address is etc.cruxpool.com:7777. You can also mine others cryptocurrencies which allow the use of 4Gb cards or have a DAG size inferior to 4Gb.

PoW cryptocurrencies compatibility with 4Gb GPUs

We have spoken a lot about Ethereum and Ethereum Classic but there are many cryptocurrencies which use a Proof of Work protocol and still can be mined with 4Gb GPU cards. At Cruxpool, we have two other coins in this situation, Ravencoin and Beam.

Ravencoin is an altcoin which has been built on a fork of the Bitcoin code. It uses an algorithm which is called Kawpow. This algorithm is ASIC resistant, that is perfect for GPU mining and uses the same mining feature as Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, the DAG. At the time I write this article, DAG size is below 3Gb. This means that you can mine with a minimum of 3Gb GPU cards. Ravencoin mining profitability is acceptable and it is always interesting to diversify your cryptocurrencies in your wallet. If you are interested in mining it, don’t hesitate to click here to check our Ravencoin pool.

Beam is a cryptocurrency which is based on privacy. Indeed, transactions are anonymous. In order to do this, Beam has adopted the MimbleWimble protocol approach. This protocol favored privacy and Beam developers turned that approach on a brand new algorithm which is called BeamHash III. Like Kawpow, BeamHash is also resistant to ASICs and gives the option to mine the coin with 4Gb GPU cards. Like I said for Ravencoin, it is always interesting to have different cryptocurrencies on your wallet and you never know Beam may be pumped!

To conclude...

There is still a chance to use your 4Gb GPU cards for mining cryptocurrencies. However, we are, for sure, at the end of their era. Enjoy at your maximum of these cards because 6Gb will become the minimum request and 8Gb or 10Gb GPUs will be the most efficient because of the evolution of mining requirements. Before that, do not hesitate to connect your 4Gb cards on Cruxpool, we still waiting for you!

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