Work In Progress, September 2020

Hello, crux-miners ! Summer is ended and now autumn takes place. But one thing that doesn’t change is that we continue to work at Cruxpool. This is the Work In Progress of September 2020.

In this article:

A new reinforcement in the dev team

This month, the development team has grown thanks to the arrival of Alexandre ! He is a back-end student which is in an apprenticeship at Cruxpool. Due to his back-end skills and the knowledge of certain source codes, it will be worked a lot on new coin pools projects and the stability and improvement of our current pools.

Ravencoin mining pool is now live

It’s finally here ! Thanks to the hard work made by our developers, Ravencoin mining pool is now live ! Ravencoin is one of the most interesting projects in the crypto-universe and one of the most interesting coins to mine because of his profitability and his universal nature. Indeed, you can mine Ravencoin using only a 3Gb VRAM GPU, that allows a lot of people to mine it. In addition to the standard ports useful for mining, we have also work on a NiceHash port for those you want to use rental mining.

Ravencoin contents

As usual, we have dropped out some contents with the release of the Ravencoin pool. The marketing team tries his best to help you to understand the project behind the cryptocurrency and help you for using and how to mine it on Cruxpool. That is why there were 4 new contents and 4 updated contents available at the pool release. 

On the program, an excellent video made by Nathan which explains the project behind Ravencoin. If you already don’t have seen that, stop reading it this article now and check that the video below.

On the tutorial side, Anthony has made a Ravencoin mining starting guide or also an RVN Wallet and Kawpowminer tutorials. He also updated tutorials like Gminer, TeamRedMiner, Exodus and Trust Wallet tutorials.

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