Work in Progress, August 2020

Hello, crux-miners ! The return of summer holidays is approaching but we continue to work hard to close our projects and features. This is the Work In Progress of August 2020.

In this article:

Ravencoin mining pool

The work on the Ravencoin mining pool makes significant progress and we are pleased to announce that the pool will be online in September ! Ravencoin will be an important and interesting coin available on Cruxpool because it will offer to crux-miners, who has 4GB VRAM GPU, a real alternative for Ethereum mining, which becomes really complicated because of the Ethash DAG. Extra to that, Ravencoin is one of the most profitable coins for mining. 

Marketing side, we are working to create a lot of contents which helps you to present, inform and use Ravencoin. You will count on videos, tutorials and a special event in order to celebrate the release of Ravencoin on Cruxpool. We are impatient to share this.

Dark mode

It is finally happening, the dark mode is available on the Cruxpool dashboard. For those you have not to try it, you have to enter in your personal dashboard and switch on the dark mode button. This feature was asked a lot by our community and we take times to push on the website. In order to promote the dark mode and to laugh about our slowness, we have made a fun video that you can watch here.

We hope that you enjoy the dark mode and we are open to other suggestions. Don’t hesitate to share your point on our Discord.

Mining pool optimization

Continuous work that Cruxpool developers make, is to ensure the stability and the efficiency of our service. That is why the dev team works to optimize and improve our mining pools and especially Ethereum Classic and Beam pools.

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