Work In Progress, July 2020

Hello, crux-miners ! Summer is here but Cruxpool team continue to work and add some features on the website. Here is a short list of what we do this month. This is the Work In Progress of July 2020.

In this article:

Ravencoin mining pool

After the launch of our Beam pool, we are now working on a Ravencoin mining pool ! The development team works on this project to expand the choice you can have on Cruxpool. Stay tuned for more information.

New NiceHash ports

The biggest update this month was to be fully compliant between our mining pools and NiceHash. In order to be compliant, we have to create high difficulty ports for Ethereum Classic and Beam mining pool. In case you want to make some orders, Nicehash ports are 25555 – Ethereum, 27777 – Ethereum Classic, 23333 – Beam.

Dark mode

A lot of crux-miners ask to have a dark mode on Cruxpool and that is why we are going to make it. As you can see, we worked on this feature for the dashboard. This is a work in progress screenshot and this is subject to change.

dark mode work in progress

NiceHash campaign

With the addition of NiceHash ports, the marketing team has launched a campaign to inform and promote our compliance. On the program, two videos about NiceHash, the first was to explain how cloud mining and in particular NiceHash works, the second was tutorial which explains how to use the rental service with Cruxpool. Additional to the video tutorial, we have updated our writing tutorial in order to be up to date. We have also written a blog article which gives you advice and explain why the use of NiceHash can be profitable for you.

New tutorials

July was a prolific month for tutorials! Additional to the NiceHash tutorial update, we have add tutorials for TeamRedMiner, miniZ and MiningRigRentals. Others contents will come in August.

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