Work In Progress, June 2020

Hello, crux-miners! The summer is coming, the sun is shining, the temperature is getting hotter – not good for mining RIGs, but we continue to work hard! This is the Work In Progress of June 2020.

In this article:

Working on the Ethereum Classic update and Beam hard fork

This month, the technical team has a lot to do with updates and fork. At the start of the month, we update the Ethereum Classic mining pool in order to be compliant with the last Phoenix upgrade. Afterwards, the dev team has to work on the new Beam hard fork. This fork deployed on the 28th of June enables to be even more ASIC-resistant with the new algorithm BeamHash III. 

Work In Progress Hardfork Beam

Ethereum Classic and Beam improvements

On top of that, we have also worked to improve Ethereum Classic and Beam mining pool. First of all, the objective was to have better stability in these pools and also fix the issues that some miners can have. Secondly, the dev team worked and works at the moment to add Nicehash compliance on the Ethereum Classic and Beam.

Search engine optimization improvements

One of our marketing goals is to gain visibility and have more traffic on our website. To complete successfully this objective, we create a lot of contents, like what you are reading right now or tutorials, videos. We also social media for this point. But, this month, we focused on the search engine optimization of our website. We wanted to have a better referencing on Google in order to hit more clicks and so more traffic on our pages.

Newsletter revamp

In December 2019, we have launched the newsletter project. However, we have not sent out any newsletters in a while because we are not happy about the content we share. That is why we have worked on this with the objective of improving this communication channel. We want to offer you the best and useful content. On the program, new design and new concepts! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter list in order to discover our new newsletters.

Tutorial website revamp

Another revamp project in progress on Cruxpool is the new version on the tutorial website. The objective is to improve the user experience on our tutorial and also create courses in order to help newcomers in the fabulous world of cryptocurrencies.

Work In Progress Tutorial Revamp

BONUS : First Work In Progress video

In our Discord channel, join us if it’s not already done. We have let you ask questions about Cruxpool, our future and next mining pool features ! This video is a pilot. We expect to release a more complete version for the next Work In Progress.

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