Work In Progress, April & May 2020

Hello, crux-miners! We have not written the Work In Progress article for April because we worked very hard this month. Do not worry, we are going to speak what is happening in April and of course in May in this article. So, now it is the moment to tell you what we have been working on! This is the Work In Progress of May 2020.

In this article:

A newcomer in the Cruxpool team

We are pleased to announce that a new person is joining the tech team, Marc ! He is experienced and has a massive web development background. It will bring a real added value to the dev crew. Marc is a lead developer who has the mission to support the existing team in the mining coin growth development and also to work on future website features.

Beam mining pool

May was the final push for the Beam mining development ! The technical team has been working very hard for this project and we are happy that our Beam mining pool is now live on Cruxpool. You can access to Beam mining page by clicking here. We continue to work on the Beam pool, in particular, to add a Nicehash port.

More information about Beam mining here.

Sentinel project

Next to the Beam pool development, the tech team has worked on a project which aims to verify the status of our services and servers. We called that Project Sentinel. It is always important to make a check-up project to insure ourself that we are offering the most optimized mining services.

Front-end adjustments

One of our continuous work is to always optimize Cruxpool to provide users with the best experience and efficiency possible. This month, the tech team has worked on the share system. Their objectives were to reduce share issues like stale, invalid or duplicates shares.

Beam marketing campaign

As you can see if you follow our social media, we have launched a Beam communication campaign during April and May. This campaign aims to promote our new mining pool and also to gather Cruxpool community and mining community.

You may have seen during this period the contest we have made. Winners can take up to 50 Beams. This giveaway works very well because we had over 500 participants.

We have also worked on several articles and tutorials so that you can have all the basic knowledge to understand how Beam works and how to mine it on Cruxpool. As a result, we have written a tutorial on the Beam wallet application and also two tutorials about mining software that you can use for mining Beam. These tutorials are accompanied by a brand new command-line generator. Finally, we have made a Beam starting guide that can be helpful for you if you have not mined yet the coin.

Articles are great, but we have also made Beam videos ! Available on our YouTube channel, two videos speaking about Beam are published. The first one explains the Beam project in general and the second helps you to connect at our Beam mining pool.

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