Work In Progress, March 2020

Hello, crux-miners! March has been a tough month for us and we are sure that it was also for you, but here we are for the Work In Progress of March 2020

In this article:

Cruxpool organization due the Coronavirus

In case you don’t know, Cruxpool is a French mining pool and unfortunately, our country has been severely touched by the Coronavirus. The population must be confined and we had to change our organization during the lockdown. We continue to work from home and communicate together thanks to Slack and Discord.

Beam mining pool

In the previous Work In Progress,  we told you that we were working on implementing GRIN and Beam pools on Cruxpool. This month, we have been focusing on the Beam mining pool and this will be our next coin release. The project is still in development. We will keep you informed about the release soon.

Ethereum Classic update

Ethereum Classic network has reduced the amount of the block reward, from 4 ETC to 3.2 ETC. The development team had to work on our ETC mining pool to make the transition. The operation was working great and without difficulties. Cruxpool is compliant with this update.

Mining pool optimization

Always working on perpetual improvement and optimization on Cruxpool. We have operated a rework of our API. The goal of that rework is to reduce and optimize the time processing of our Ethereum and Ethereum Classic API. The technical team also worked on the mining pool infrastructure and migrate some databases to reduce the size of our main base.

Beam launching preparation

In collaboration with the tech team, the marketing team have prepared communications supports which will be spread out a short time before we launch the Beam mining pool. On the program, videos, blog articles, tutorials and new front pages and other stuff are prepared. We can’t wait to share all the work we do for this launching.

New videos on our YouTube channel

In the previous Work In Progress, we have announced that we have launched our YouTube channel with the release of this video. We have gone on to publish some videos as “4 minutes to understand crypto-mining” or “How to mine Ethereum with Claymore”. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the like button!

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