Work In Progress, February 2020

Hello fellow miners! This is the return of an old content which was present on the blog, the Work In Progress article.

Indeed, we have not done an article of this type since May 2019. We have had a lot of work this month and it is time to share our progress with you and make a review of it.

In this article:

GRIN & Beam mining pool

In one of our previous articles, we told you that we were working on implementing GRIN and Beam pools on Cruxpool. These projects are still in the works and are currently in development. We will keep you informed about the release soon.

Bitcoin mining pool

We are also working on a long-awaited Bitcoin mining pool! We hope that you like this news! The development team has been working thoroughly on this project and we cannot wait to tell you more about it. So far, they achieved significant improvements on the Bitcoin mining pool code, as well as a refactorization. All these features are currently going through alpha testing. Stay tuned for more information.

Mining pool optimization

One of our continuous work is to always optimize Cruxpool to provide users with the best experience and efficiency possible. This month, the tech team has worked on the share system. Their objectives were to reduce share issues like stale, invalid or duplicates shares.

Tawk.to, our new live chat software

Have you noticed the addition of a new asset on the website? The little purple bubble located at the bottom of the right-hand corner of your screen. This is Tawk.to!

This software, integrated by our tech team, enables us to live interact with Cruxpool visitors. Tawk.to is a very interesting tool which lets you contact us directly on our website if you have an issue or if you want information about the mining pool.

As a reminder, you can also contact us on support@cruxpool.com or complete the contact form.

YouTube channel launch and a first video published

This month, we have finally launched our YouTube channel, available here! The launch of the channel has been followed by the release of our very first video! Our very first video is a tutorial to help you understand the basics of how blockchain works. Our objective is to provide you with simple and clear explanations about cryptocurrencies and the technologies around them. Like most of you, we are members of the crypto-mass adoption movement and will keep pushing in this direction.

Update of our Discord server

We reworked our server and added new channels like a Youtube and a Twitter newsfeed and vocal lounges! You can finally speak to each other, or to us! We also implemented a levelling system: the more you interact in the server, the higher your rank will be!

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