Our 2020 projects for Cruxpool

Expect many things to come in 2020 for our mining pool!

It is with a great honor and pleasure that we would like to announce that we’ve have entered the year 2020 with new team members that joined our adventure! This will help us achieve even more – like delivering new features for our mining community, get new coins on the mining pool ! 2020 is starting well for us and we hope you’ll love what we have in mind for Cruxpool and our mining pools !

2019 was a great year for our mining pool

Our mission in 2019 was to create the most stable mining pool with the highest profitability possible and we feel we succeeded in that task. Another task we had in mind was to build a bigger team in order to develop new features and add new coins to our mining pool. Now that we have closed the fundraising, we will be able to think bigger than ever before. 

We know that Fintech is now all about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies but few people really know how they are created and used. Mining pools actually play a central role and are the backbone of blockchains in the proof-of-work system. “Without the mining pools and miners, there simply wouldn’t be a blockchain.” Says our CEO – Julien Gourlet.

He also explains, “this fundraising represents a decisive stage in our development. We are now going to start a new chapter in our adventure by welcoming new talents to accelerate our growth. Our goal is to evolve the Cruxpool platform, develop new functionalities and new products to become a key player worldwide. “

It is indeed an ambitious goal but we are confident that we can bring the best in crypto mining and create the perfect PPS mining pool for our users of today and tomorrow. The company now has French, Belgian and Luxembourg investors among its shareholders.

Our mission: cryptocurrencies' mass adoption

 Our team has set itself a mission: the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are two inevitable revolutions that will play a key role in the economy of tomorrow. They allow the exchange of values without a trusted third party (without banks) and have applications in a very large number of business sectors. This allows everyone to claim ownership of their privacy and their purchasing power: the goal of the company is to make this technology accessible to everyone. The best way to acquire cryptocurrencies is to produce them, and ILIIUM will offer a complete and accessible range of tools for this purpose.

Our team has set itself a mission: the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are two inevitable revolutions that will play a key role in the economy of tomorrow.

Welcome to our new members !

Our successes of 2019 have allowed us to search for some backup on the development side of our mining pool. We managed to secure 3 key positions in order to work on Cruxpool and Cruxminer and bring even more features to our services.

We have already welcomed Romain, who has joined us early January, and that is already having fun getting us prepared for new coins!  He soon be helped by Lucas and Julien, so as to have a complete team that can take our project to the next level.

Romain, who has a great experience in mining pools and cryptocurrencies, is also a active member of the blockchain community, and board member of CryptoFR, a French community of miners and crypto enthusiasts !

In order to create more content for our miners and develop our community, the marketing team can now count on the help of Nathan, who will be joining us early February. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel because we’re going to put out more and more stuff on it!

What are the next steps for Cruxpool ?

Things will be working on for the following months:

  • Working on BEAM and Grin: basically, our plan is to give our miners the opportunity to get other cryptocurrencies, so this requires the creation of new mining pools. We hope to achieve this first milestone by the end of February/March.
  • Now that our pool is stable, available worldwide, we’re going to open up to multiple coins. Our goal is to release new coins every 2 months or so, depending on what crypto miners believe is the most interesting
  • We’re also working on a new dashboard, after analysis of how the miners of our mining pool were using it, we believe that some modifications must be done. Expect to see a powered-up version of your current dashboard in the months to come!

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