New Look, New Ambitions

After weeks of hard work and hundreds of coffees/tea cups, we are now able to present to you the new version of our Cruxpool Website.

A new website for cruxpool.

The project started back in March where it was just a very basic drawing shaped out of ideas we thrown out during brainstorming. Our priority is the experience of our users, so we wanted to address all potential problems our miners had on previous version of the website.

Among these, we tackle the issue of navigation through our pages. We added multiple elements that will clarify where to find the information you’re looking for (for example we developed new guides and tutorials, we added a quick access to an “expected earnings calculation” tool that will help you make crucial decision.

Module expected earnings Cruxpool

A whole new experience

The front page is basically a whole new experience as it features basic yet essential information, but more than that we added more navigation buttons that will lead you to the main crypto portals. We’re so excited to finally launch this website, and we are eager to read your comments about it.

More than just the issue of revamping the design, it was a tremendous opportunity for us to reshape our identity, our brand image and also our ambitions. It has also been a great moment for us to rethink some of our projects and what we wanted to accomplish with Cruxpool:

Over the last months we developed a much deeper understanding of what miners want and what they actually need. We want to our miners a platform that will help them and give them all the tools to make a revenue out of cryptocurrencies. It has to be simple, easy, safe and smart. This is the core ideas that drives us.

Let’s take you guys to a quick tour of our brand-new website. You may have noticed it, but we change our colors and branding in order to propose a better visual experience for you. Logo remains basically the same yet we added some new blue-ish colors and purple/fuchsia that is very trendy these days and that we loved. We also added a bit more hexagonal structures, it’s a bit common in the cryptocurrency world, yet we are very fond of the effect it has and it suits well our icons.

Cruxpool has now more tools

In terms of functionalities, we wanted to give you access to a module that calculates your expected earnings with Cruxpool. This is basically your net revenue with Ethereum for example, given the hashrate you provide but also the network difficulty. Pool fees and transaction fees are also included so this is truly what you earn at the end of the day.

Speaking of which, on this module you can easily switch between multiple formats: change the type of value (USD, EUR, ETC…) but also the period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) This is a wonderful tool that will help you monitor your profitability on a daily basis.

As you can also see on the image above, we have added the basic information about the pool such as the pool Hashrate, the number of miners and workers etc. Plus, we’ve installed a quick access to a dropdown menu that reveals a more detailed view of the pools, and in particular the payout system, network difficulty … you’ll also find there everything you need to get connected to our pool, such as server ports.

On this table we’ve introduced three buttons that we thought would be very handy, such as

The command generator – this one will create for you the mining command to enter in your mining software.

A tutorial button – this one will lead to you to our Cryptomining guides. If you don’t know what to do to start mining a coin on cruxpool this is where you want to click.

A “Buy” button. For our French users, you may recognize the logo as it is “Just Mining”, our partner in this adventure, they propose a wide range of mining rigs at a very decent price, so we advise you take a look at them right now on this link

Still on this table, if you click on the coin logo, you will get redirected to the coin portal (image above). Let’s say you’re interested in mining Ethereum classic, you’ll be able to see all relevant information on this page below. Let’s go back to the front page for now.

Expert miner and already mining on Cruxpool?  Below the main table is the quick access bar that you’re looking for. Simply choose the coin you want to mine; enter a valid wallet address and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard. The dashboard has all the detailed information you’re looking for and remains your main source of data. We are currently working on a new user interface for this dashboard, so stay tuned for the upcoming changes!  

Subscribe to get more fresh content every month

One more thing, we’ve added a subscription module at the bottom of the front page. We are launching a monthly report, filled with statistics, news and updates but also some advice and tips for managing your crypto mining rigs. It’s free and its only once a month so don’t hesitate to subscribe for more fresh and exclusive content from Cruxpool. 

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