A brave new blockchain world

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A brave new blockchain world

Many miners and traders are simply viewing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a mean of creating some income and possibly earning some big numbers. Althought it’s not false, there’s so much to that. We firmly believe that blockchain has the power to transform in a positive way our society. Here is a non-exhaustive list of real-life applications to the blockchain technology.

Buy,sell and exchange

Digital security and identity

Imagine being able to buy and/or sell anything, anywhere in the world, with the same currency and with 100x smaller fees. Moreover, this would prove to be much more secure because all transactions would be verified by the blockchain system and encrypted into blocks that can be verified!

Think about it: transforming all your ID’s into hash-coded numbers so as to make identification and authorization processes faster and more secure. This would lead to much less identity fraud and theft, and less data breaches.

Including: Passports, Birth Certificates, Wedding Certificate, Identity Cards, ID on the web.

Blockchain in Business

In the manufacturing sector: companies could keep track of every item they produce in order to fight hazardous counterfeits and ensure high quality and transparency of their products.

Plus, with blockchain technology,  customers could get all the provenance details of their goods, without having to trust a simple packaging or “made in xxx” label!

Including: Luxury goods, Food, Pharmaceuticals

Support functions such as marketing, sales and finance could benefit from the power of the blockchain.

– Develop their very own smart contracts for customers (commitments, loyalty programs etc).
– Make payments more easier, faster, secure.
– Develop an all-new form of tokenized advertising methods that are more ethical and fair to the customers.

Traveling, Tourism


You wouldn’t have to change money or be impacted by any change fees. Go anywhere you want without the difficulties imposed by fiat money.

Moreover, ticketing system and booking would become much faster and more secure. It would be easier and 10x faster to get a refund with smart contract when a transport is canceled.

Gather all your medical data and records inside the blockchain and track any operation, vaccine, treatments plus all the medical history of your parents and grandparents.

On the other hand, you could also manage all your healthcare contracts, private life insurances and data with such a system.

Media & Entertainment


Blockchain and smart contracts could benefit all content creators wether it’s about music, film, videos, books etc. and create a fairer deal between creators and consumers.

Also we could  see the emergence of in-game crypto-economy. Imagine having some specific and unique items that nobody else could have except you.

With Blockchain, electronic voting could be done within minutes and with the assurance that it is secure and impossible to falsify.

On top of that, this could also be applied to all forms of elections, votes, referendum that usually costs a lot to governments. It would become easy to replicate more often and for next to nothing in terms of finance.

Here's a little infographic that sums up the article, feel free to share it on the web!

An infography that represents blockchain applications to the real world
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