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Maxime From Cruxpool Team


February 2019

Hello dear miners! Ready for your monthly dose of reports and updates? We have been working a lot on refining the statistics we provide so here’s what’s new on Cruxpool. This is our February Dev Log!

Mining Command Generator

We featured in another article the launch of our Mining command generator, that will help you quickly set up you access to our mining pool. Read the full article following this link

mining command generator from Cruxpool

Monitor stats that matters to you:

We are miners, just like you. And this is the reason why we understand what are the things that really matters to you when joining a mining pool. We are all looking for opportunities, profits and performance. That is why we worked hard to provide you brand new features that will allow you to monitor statistics that matters.

Worker Monitoring. We created a page on which you can follow the performance and stability of each of your rig(s). This will help you see if your hardware lacks performance and needs improvement. For instance, when it comes to heat problematics, a lower perf could indicate that you need to make a thermic analysis and rethink your installation.

Expected earnings and payout. We wanted you to be able to keep track of this critical data. Profits and rentability is most certainly at the core of your concerns. You can now check real time expected earnings on monthly or daily (or even hourly) basis, please be aware that this is an estimation. Also, you will be able to watch your estimated next payout and the payout threshold you set.

table of Cruxpool earnings analytics
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