Dev Log Report January

Maxime From Cruxpool Team


Hey Miners, it’s again time for us to present what we’ve been working on since the last few weeks. We’re so excited to introduce you to a major update: We are NiceHash compatible!  Once again, welcome to our January report!

We are NiceHash compatible

NiceHash is simply the largest open marketplace that is specialized in crypto mining. On this platform are connect all the people who wish to sell or rent hashing power.

For example, if you don’t have a rig for GPU mining, and you don’t feel like investing in it, you may start with renting the power of other miners. On the other side, if you have some rigs available that aren’t enough to mine by yourself, you can find a second life to your machines (hint: even a regular computer with a decent GPU can be rented)

We really wanted to think about all the novice miners who are still reluctant to buy hardware, and we thought that NiceHash was a considerable advantage. It was quite challenging to set it up but it is now live! Check our tutorial to see how this works!

GIF NiceHash

Asian servers are live!

Remember in November when we opened a US server, well we connected a new server for our Asian miners. Again, this is all about stability, performance and high availability. If you have any question we remain fully at your disposal.

In order to join this server, please connect to asia.cruxpool.com using the correct ports. Below here is a recap of our mining pool servers at the present time.

Table of cruxpool servers around the world
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