UPDATE! We are now compatible with NiceHash!

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UPDATE! We are now compatible with NiceHash

NiceHash cloud mining logo

Attention to all Miners!

Very good news to share today since we are now fully compatible with NiceHash!

What, you don’t know what NiceHash is? Ok time for a quite tour of their services.

NiceHash is simply the largest open marketplace that is specialized in crypto mining. On this platform are connect all the people who wish to sell or rent hashing power.

For example, if you don’t have a rig for GPU mining, and you don’t feel like investing in it, you may start with renting the power of other miners. On the other side, if you have some rigs available that aren’t enough to mine by yourself, you can find a second life to your machines (hint: even a regular computer with a decent GPU can be rented)

Biggest upside to this system, is that you don’t need any technical skills, you simply log in, make your order, enter the pool’s logs and there you go.

Below, a chart that represents the whole process, you can find the original graph here

GIF NiceHash

Also, we made a quick start guide to help you configure your NiceHash compatibility with Cruxpool!



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