Dev Log: Our November Report

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Dev Log: Our November Report

Hey Miners, just a quick notice to tell you about the developments and evolutions we’ve been working since the opening of the mining pool last month. Lots of exciting news for you today.

New server is up!

We have connected a new server for our North American friends, this will help you guys other there to have a more stable connection. Indeed, high satisfaction and customer experience is at the heart of our strategy with Cruxpool.

In order to join this server, please connect to using the correct ports. Below here is a recap of our mining pool servers at the present time.

[UPDATED – We also added a server for our Asian miners!]

table of Cruxpool servers

Need support: our discord is live!

We have been working on the necessity of finding a platform where we could interact with our miners. As mentioned above we really want the experience of our miners to be pristine, and we feel that a transparent communication is the best way to achieve this goal.

We also want to create a living community of miners on Discord. And this, in order to give you the opportunity to both find answers to your questions, and get support from our staff.

We really hope you’ll enjoy it, so get started now and join it NOW

Discover how to mine with Cruxpool

Feeling a bit lost with the blockchain and mining pool technology? We have developed brand-new tutorials to help you in your journey through mining! Just check the help section and find our what you want to learn. Tutorials include:

In any case, if you’re interested in mining, why don’t you check out our services ?



Full Stack engineer, I'm in charge of the technical side of running this Mining Pool. I'll publish monthly reports and maybe more 😉

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