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Our Ethereum Mining pool is live. 

Today is a red-letter day, for Cruxpool is now live. Well actually we’re in our Beta phase but in any case, mining ETH is now possible and we encourage you, future miners, to give us as much feedback as possible so as we could get even better as fast as possible.
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So, what is Cruxpool all about?

We are an Ethereum mining pool (at least for now we are focused on ETH but multi-coins will eventually be part of our services), which means we maintain a platform that will help miners to fuse their hashrate altogether, and mine some blocks in the Ethereum blockchain.

You may wonder why on earth would we think of creating a mining pool, when there are already people out there that are proposing the same services? Well simply because we believe that we can provide better solutions and deploy more efforts than these pools we are competing with.

We are miners first and foremost, we were there when bitcoin started, we were there when Ethereum appeared, and we have a well-established mining experience.

 After years of mining, we came to think that in order to help cryptocurrencies to go mainstream, mining pools must do at least two things:

1/Help new miners to discover crypto mining and the blockchain environment, through tutorials, how-to guides, pro tips etc. So as to get them to be more confident in their experience, and instead of keeping knowledge for ourselves, share what we know to increase the number of people using Bitcoin, Ether and other coins

2/Provide a professional, convenient and up-to-date environment that will help intermediate and expert miners to make the most of their mining rigs. This is how, for example, we came out with the idea of real-time statistics. We want our miners to be able to monitor everything about their performance.

What features does Cruxpool have compared to other ETH mining pools?

If you’re mining Ethereum somewhere else, you may ask yourself why should you try our mining pool.

First we are based on a PPS+ System, which means that you will get paid for every share your GPU rig provides. Compared to a PPLNS system in which you get the reward when a block is found, we assure a more stable revenue for you by not putting the luck factor on your shoulders. Learn more about our PPS+ system here

Second, we will have at heart to give you the best support possible when needed, via our support platforms such as our discord (not a member yet: click here), our team will be there for you.We aim at being real close to our partners in their journey into the blockchain technology. This support will also translate into loads of tutorials and how-to guides, to help our miners optimizing their experience.

This is the beginning of an adventure that we believe will be successful, so why don’t you join us and start mining right now?

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